Sunday, May 30, 2010


Wow, what a fun and busy weekend we have had!  Up first on Thursday we had Seamus’ checkups at DuPont in Delaware.  We had a little time to play on the playground after arriving.002

In Dr. Bober’s office where he got an A+ checkup!


Waiting for Dr. Mackenzie…another great report!


Checking in with our old pal Ronald.


A little shopping at Trader Joe’s!


Then we got to spend a relaxing Friday morning at the Ronald McDonald House before hitting the road…

018 020

And ending up in Amish Country!

023 024

Saturday was our long-awaited POLP meetup at Dutch Wonderland!


I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…we had SO MUCH fun with our friends!







We tried SO hard to get a group picture of all the kiddos – I failed miserably!  I hope that someone managed to get a shot!  Here’s the best I got!


Seamus went down this water slide about 687 times.  No joke.

083 084


Sunday arrived and we were off to Hershey Chocolate World!


The mamas (and sweet Baby Jude!)!





We had such a great time and loved meeting some new families!  I hope we can make this a tradition!  Love and miss all of you!  A VERY special thank you to Jenn Greene for organizing this awesome trip.  It was wonderful! 


Melissa Swartley said...

Wow! You got some really fantastic pics!!! I love the pic of Seamus with his Kiss hat! Too cute! I had to laugh at Pres's face with the World's Largest Chocolate Bar! He looked soooo excited! Great pic of all us mama's too!!! Again, laughing because it totally looks like I'm pinching Kim's behind! Had so much fun with you guys! We definitely have to do this again next year!

Yiannakis Family said...

Wow, I agree with Melissa. You got some really great photos. Sorry we didn't really get a chance to talk much, but seemed like we were on different sides of the park all day. It was great to actually get a chance to meet you though and we look forward to doing it again next year if not something else sooner!!

Jaime said...

What great pictures! The Hershey Kiss hat is awesome! Although my favorite is the last one. So glad that you all had a wonderful time together. Wish that we lived closer to join in on the next POLP weekend, but only a little over a month until Nashville! YAY!! Can't wait to meet you guys!

Caden and Mommy said...

K, my comments are going to be redundant on everyones blog tonight. First and foremost ~ I am jealous! You guys are so lucky to all be centrally located to be able to drive a few hours and meet up! HOW FUN ~ I have yet to meet any LP's Caden's age near us :0( What a special gift for the boys to be able to spend the weekend together! Hooray for a great checkup for Seamus! Cute family pic at Dutch Wonderland :0)

Kasia and Amelia said...

I absolutely adore the pictures from your trip and I am so sorry we could not come! I believe that we will see you and others next time! You did great pictures and even the hard to do - group pictures! Kids are delightful !!! thank you for the picture report from the visit with Dr. MacKenzie! We are going to see him on July 8th so it was nice to see the pictures from DuPoint. Big THANKS!!! Love, K

Kim said...

It was so great seeing you guys again this weekend! It's like no time passes! I just love that picture of Seamus with the Kiss hat! Awesome. The boys had such a great time. I cannot deal with how cute they all are together. Adorable. You look fantastic. Hopw to see you guys again some point this summer. Hopefully we can get a lunch or dinner together if you pass through!

Destini said...

We had a great time this weekend too! It was so great to finally meet all of you and Trace is already wanting to dig in the sand with Seamus at the beach! Hopefully he'll be walking much better by then! The water play area of Dutch Wonderland looks awesome too!

The Wymer Clan said...

What great pictures - it looks like you guys had a ton of fun! Seamus in the Hershey Kiss hat is just too freaking cute!

Kate said...

Oh I love all these pictures to bits! I can't get enough of these faces! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I'm really glad you and Kim got to meet up again!

Anonymous said...

We definately need to make this a yearly tradition. We had a great time. Glad Seamus' appointments went well. Yay!
It was great seeing all of you!

Chris and Emily said...

We came into Delaware just behind you...staying at the RMH too!! MRI yesterday and seeing Dr. Bober and Mackenzie tomorrow!!

Greene Family said...

It was so great to see you guys!! I was happy to be able to help coordinate things! You got great photos! Seamus and Grace are just too cute! I love the pictures of Seamus, Grace, Preston, Ethan, and Collin - what a fun and adorable crew!
Hopefully next time we'll have more time to chat . . . maybe in Nashville in a few weeks!
Yay for great reports from Seamus' check-ups!!