Friday, May 14, 2010

Trading Spaces

In our small house, we have three bedrooms and one bath.  We used to only have one floor, until Devon refinished half of our basement just before Grace was born.  We like our little house and have done a lot to fix it up, but we knew with our new arrival, we would have to do some rearranging.

Devon and I decided it would make sense to refinish the other half our basement, adding a second full bath and an extra bedroom/office.  My father-in-law drove out this weekend to help Devon start the basement, so we sprang into action on the bedroom situation.  We spent this past week moving the kids into our bedroom, and moving our stuff into Seamus’ room.  Grace’s room will become the baby’s room, which is now storing all the baby stuff which was initially hanging out in the unfinished side of the basement.  Whew, got that straight? 

The kids were SUPER excited to be sharing a room, and Devon and I…not so much!  We knew they would have fun of course, but would they sleep???  Shockingly, they did!!

Here’s a few pics of the new space…




We had no theme, other than “Two fun kids live here!”  So it’s a bit of a mish-mash…a dash of baby doll, a sprinkling of race car…you get the idea.



They have this great walk-in closet, which used to be my sewing room (sniff).  We have plans to turn it into a fun dress-up area.


I’ve been feeling extra crafty lately, and one of my recent projects was these two cute floor cushions  - super cute and easy tutorial found HERE.  They have a little handle so the kids can tote them around anywhere.


They love their new room, even declaring it “awesome.”  I think it was a great move and they will really enjoy their time in there together.

And the fun doesn’t stop there…20 week belly pic!


Have a great weekend!


Alex said...

What a cute room, I love it!

Danielle said...

The room looks great! And I love those cushions!! they are adorable! And you look great too by the way :)

Yiannakis Family said...

Love the floor cushions, they look great! I've been telling myself I need to take a sewing class, but haven't found the time to do it. I'd love to be able to do projects like that.

Tiffany said...

I saw those floor cushions but I wasn't sure if they'd be too big. I'm glad you showed them! They're super cute and you did a great job! The room is adorable too! I love the slanted ceilings.

Nicole said...

You look great! The kids room is AWESOME! I like the cushions, I'm going to try to make one. Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

I love the cushions! Great job! You look super fabulous my dear! I can picture your rearranging because I've been to your house so not too confusing for me to picture where things were going. I am so excited the kiddos are enjoying being together. And for a mish mash of dollas and cars-surprisingly it really works nicely! So excited to see you in 2 weeks!!!!!

Destini said...

Their room looks great! Plus they have tons of space to play! And, I totally heart those floor cushions, I'll have to have my friend Jenn that sews make some for my kiddos! You are looking great! Can't wait to meet you guys!

Melisa said...

What a great job you did on the room! Love the cushions...I may have to look into making a couple too! You look beautiful at 20 weeks...only 20 more weeks to go.

Katie said...

It is so adorable how well your kids get along! I like the new digs for them, very cool. The floor cushions are pretty awesome, you are definitely very creative. Also you're looking amazing! :-)

Greene Family said...

Their new room is awesome!! Yay for them actually sleeping too! How fun that they'll have a dress up area!
Those cushions are adorable! I'll have to look at the tutorial and see if I can make one for Simon and Jude.
You look fabulous! I can't believe you are twenty weeks already! Can't wait to see you guys in less than 2 weeks!!

Melissa Swartley said...

Wow! The room looks great! Love the idea of making your old (sniff) sewing room a dress up room! How fun! Those floor cushions are awesome! Thanks for the link to the tutorial! I just might have to try it out! :) Looks like you had a wonderful Mothers Day and I love the belly pic! Looking good!!! :)

Jen Weisser said...

Love it! It came out great!! I cant believe you gave up your sewing room! Those floor cushions are awesome!! And you looks fabulous!!

jodijojo said...

love those cushions - I'm going to try them!!!