Monday, July 5, 2010

Hey Y’all!

Greetings from NASHVILLE!


We made it!  It was the kids’ first airplane trip ever, and although Mommy was an absolute nervous wreck, they both did fantastic.

Headed to the airport!


Just before take-off055  Hitching a ride through the airport


Layover in Baltimore


Finally here!  All checked in and ready to have fun!


Waiting for fireworks


Getting to ride in the “little” fire truck

 078 084

Amy Roloff!!!!!


Having so much fun on the Fourth with our friends!


091 Buddies…so happy to be together again!


Many more adventures to come!


Caden and Mommy said...

Yeah, you found a minute to update :0) The kids on the suitcases are so cute. I didn't realize you guys travelled here with the Weisser's. You are so lucky to have them so close and Ethan and Seamus are lucky to have eachother. Adorable!!!

Melisa said...

Yay! Another Nashville blog post. Looks like you made it there safe and sound. I didn't realize either that you travelled with the Weissers. Everyone looked like they had an amazing 1st day there!

Greene Family said...

So many adorable pictures!! Love the one of the kids hitching a ride through the airport and the one of Grace at the fireworks! How fun to travel with the Weissers! Seamus, Ethan, Grace, and Collin all look like the best of friends!