Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Living the Beach Life – Part 2

On vacation, most mornings were spent at the beach, and after lunch we tended to hang around by the pool.  Here is how my two kids started out the week – two major pool-phobes who wouldn’t dare venture off the steps.


Then after a few days (and about 47 promised trips to the Dollar Store), take a look at what happened!  They both got brave enough to swim out into the water on their own and they LOVED it.  Actually, Grace basically had to be yanked off the steps and screamed loud enough to warrant a call to CPS – but in the end, she was so very proud of herself!



A few more of our favorite things about vacation…

Delicious hibachi and eating with chopsticks


Building a cool car at Ridemakerz


Creating a beautiful Build-A-Bear


Visiting Ripley’s Aquarium and high-fiving a real scuba diver

009 011


Riding the Pavilion rides at Broadway at the Beach



And of course, our favorite thing of all…THE BEACH!



045 057

031 038 065


Goodbye, Myrtle Beach…until next year!!!



Katie said...

What an awesome vacation! You have such a beautiful family! I can't wait to see pictures of the newest addition!!!!

Destini said...

Ok, so I cannot let me kids see this post. I didn't even let Trace near RideMakers, and they didn't ride any rides either! Way to go Seamus and Grace on the pool bravery! I'm seriously going on my lunch break to get that swim vest after seeing Seamus floating by himself!

Anthea said...

Looks like you had a great trip....glad to see you are all well. Oh - bring on summer - or at least a little bit of warmth.

Jillsblog said...

Great post!! You guys can really pack in the fun. I love love the picture of Seamus with the cowboy hat "surfing"...so great.

I saw your comment on my blog, I would love to camp near you guys..might not make it in the summer, maybe early fall?

Melisa said...

What a great trip to Myrtle Beach again! Happy to hear the kids got over their water phobias. I think Aidan got over more of his water phobia this summer during his swim lessons...woohoo! You are lookin good Emily, how much longer before the newest Camenga is here?

Greene Family said...

What a great vacation! Love the family pictures and Seamus and Grace having so much fun at the beach! Seamus is too cute with his cowboy hat and riding the boogie board! Way to go Seamus and Grace on conquering your water phobia!