Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let’s Go ValleyCats!

One of our favorite summer activities is catching a Tri-City ValleyCats game!  The baseball stadium is just a few minutes from our house, and we love watching our local team and having fun at the games.

Here’s Seamus with his hero, Southpaw!  He has already stated that he wants to be Southpaw for Halloween  :-)


This guy is new…we weren’t sure of his name, so we just called him Southpaw’s Little Brother.


The kids’ area is tons of fun – bounce houses, obstacle courses, carnival games and face painting!

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Finally game time!  Enjoying a little pizza while we watch the antics on the field!


Can’t forget the ice cream cone…and the 47 wet wipes that it takes to clean up!


Gasp!  It’s Southpaw! 


This is one of my favorite family pics from a ValleyCats game three years ago…Look at how little my kiddos are!


Still a couple more games to hit before the end of the season, can’t wait to have more fun!


Melissa Swartley said...

Great fun!!! We have something similar (the Reading Phillies) and the kids have a blast going each year! Love your pictures! So true, at least 47 wipes to clean up! Love the comparison picture from 3 years ago! Look how much they've grown!!! Awesome!!!

Katie Jaye said...

Seamus is such a ham in these photos! This ball park looks so kid friendly they must love it. I think being Southpaw for Halloween is a fantastic idea and I have a feeling with your talent for creating amazing clothing he will look awesome! All the kids will be envious!

Destini said...

So cool! What a great family activity! Love Seamus showing off his face painting and Grace covered in ice cream! Can't wait to see the Halloween costume you and your mom devise!

Laura Wolf said...

What a great time! Kids look like they are having a blast. I can't wait till Nate's not so antsy so we can catch a baseball game. I also can't wait till the kids can eat an ice cream cone without wearing it, lol!!

Jaime said...

Great pics! And such a fun outing! I hear ya on the 47 wipes later!

I just love the last picture! My how they have grown!

Melisa said...

Seamus is such a character. Grace is a real beauty. Fun times! Time goes by far too quickly! Love the last picture!

Kim said...

Loving the new pics. Seamus is getting so big-now that I can compare a picture from three years back! Wow! I just love the Southpaw hat. So cute. The kiddos seem to be enjoying their summer. I cannot believe it is already August! Soon your favorite season will be upon us!

Caden and Mommy said...

REALLY ... Your kiddo's are looking so grown up! And when that new baby arrives they really are going to look big!!! Seamus is so cute with Southpaw ... and Southpaw for Halloween? How cute is that. I was just thinking the other day that it might be hard to get Caden to wear a Halloween costume this year. Lately its a fight to get him to wear anything other then soft shorts and a tshirt. I love small town baseball, our playoffs start tomorrow night, I am hoping it is cool enough to go, it's been so dang hot here!
The birthday pictures are cute. FIVE - wow! I can't deal with the fact that Caden will be three and a half in a month :0( I love the clowns with their cones in Nashville, so fun!

Greene Family said...

Great family time! It looks like everyone has a blast! How CUTE - love the family picture from three years ago! It really shows how much they have grown up! Have you already started making Seamus a Southpaw costume? That Southpaw picture of Seamus is adorable - love his expression! Grace is so pretty!