Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On the Runway

Seamus was asked a few months ago to participate in a special fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House of Albany.  I’m a volunteer there, and the kids love coming to the house to help out and play with the guests there.  Our house manager asked Seamus if he’d like to take part in a fashion show – and he of course said yes!

The fashion show and luncheon was held at the Saratoga Race Track, and was quite the fancy affair with beautiful dresses and fancy hats everywhere (while I, in my jeans, spent a lot of my time trying to hide behind waiters and potted plants.)

These are just a couple blurry pics of Seamus getting ready on the stage with the other kids.  Since we weren’t actual paying guests at the luncheon (hello - $150 per ticket?!), I had to sneak in pictures when I could!

 007 009

He did a great job walking down the runway holding hands with a very adorable little girl.  There was a professional photographer snapping pics of the kids, so hopefully we’ll be seeing those soon.

Here’s our little model looking very dapper!



A great experience, and a great way to help out our favorite “House That Love Built!”


Alex said...

OMG! He looks so handsome!

Destini said...

Dapper indeed! Looks like he had a great time for a great cause! I bet it was a little tough to hide that adorable belly of yours behind the potted plants!

Melisa said...

I want to eat him up! What a super hadsome guy he is.

Kim said...

Ok so as I read the title to your blog I cannot help but start singing "I'm too sexy." Thinking of Seamus walking the cat walk. He is just adorable!!!! I think he has a career in modeling. Seriously. He totally has the personality. I miss you guys so much!

Greene Family said...

What a handsome little model you have!! He could not be any cuter! It looks like he had a fun time! That's awesome that you guys volunteer there!

Caden and Mommy said...

Priceless! And what a great cause :0) I think Kim is correct .. his future is in modeling!!!