Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day of School

Although I should really say, First Days of School…because each kid had a different first day!

Seamus’ official first day of kindergarten was last Thursday, when he went in for two hours.  My sister kindly took pictures and brought him to school.  Grace joined in on the photo shoot as well.


Look at those cute backpacks!


I worked from home to be with Grace on Friday, her first day.  She was more than thrilled to finally be wearing her Sacred Heart uniform! 

 019 021

Here they started flashing the thumbs up and peace signs…they must be learning from their buddy Ethan!  They were also yelling out, “Yeah Pre-K!  Yeah Kindergarten!”  I think the neighborhood could tell they were just a little proud!

026 032 033

The traditional first day of Pre-K donut!


Can’t believe my girl is off to school with her big brother…


And there she goes!  She gave me a kiss and was on her way…not a tear in sight…just Mommy’s!


She had a fantastic first day and has declared that she LOVES Pre-K.  Thank goodness!

And just because we can’t let a day go by without any excitement, here’s Seamus’ second-day-of-school head injury!


He had a nice collision with a brick wall while playing ball with his class.  Lovely!  When are those school pictures again???


Jillsblog said...

I am jealous that your kids wear uniforms...Grace is getting so big, such a pretty little girl. JD came home today with a head collision as well. Kindergarteners, they have all the fun!

Jen Weisser said...

I'm glad to see my child has had such an influence on your kids! LOL!!! I'm so glad Grace loves PreK!! Just think in 3 yrs you get to send another one off to PreK! I hope Seamus' nasty scrape goes away before school pix!!

Melisa said...

Oh my goodness! Such sweeties. Love the uniforms. Seamus is all smiles even after a collision with the brick wall...all boy!

Poppy said...

Hope The Wall is Okay !

Yiannakis Family said...

Sooo cute!! Love the backpack pictures and the one of Grace with her hands on her hips!! Hope they have a great year

Destini said...

I so love your kids. They are just too cute! Love Grace's attitude showing through in the pic with her hands on her hips! Glad they are lovin' school too! Oh, Trace has had a continual bruise on the middle of his forehead for the last 3 weeks...he's killing me.

Kim said...

I love them. They are two of the funniest kids around. Their facial expressions even match. I just love al the pics! How is Grace off to Pre-K? Wasn't she just a little baby? Love the injury. I have saved all of Preston's accident reports since he started school. I think I can make an album out of them. The other night I was looking at his legs-always a new bruise. Got to love boys. Here's to a great year of Pre-K and Kindergarten. (Ethan must be influencing Pres too because thumbs up are in every picture lately)!

Greene Family said...

Oh my goodness - Seamus and Grace are sooooo cute!! I can't believe how grown up Grace looks in her uniform! I'm so glad that they had great first days, and the Grace loves Pre-K! I love how proud they both are - they have the best expressions! Hope they both have a fun school year with, hopefully, less injuries!

Caden and Mommy said...

What adorable students you have :0) That is nice color Seamus has on his face ... my goodness, what a tough cookie! I know from FB Seamus has been having a little bit of a struggle :0( I hope things have gotten better for him!