Saturday, September 18, 2010

Soccer Time

Seamus is an absolute sports fanatic.  Baseball, football, golf, you name it – he’ll play it.  We love that he loves being so active, particularly because we understand the difficulties that can come with being achon and gaining weight.  We’re hoping that his passion continues and we can keep him in year-round sports.

With the arrival of fall has come soccer season!  He is playing for a town league and is on the Orange team.  Finding gear presented a challenge – where the heck do you find shin guards that small??  Luckily my mom found a tiny pair at a local consignment sale.  They were pink, but nothing a little spray paint couldn’t fix! 

Then came the socks – this was downright comical.  Every pair that we found were as long as Seamus’ entire body!  I ended up buying a youth small, and cutting out the entire calf portion.  I then reattached the cuff just above the heel, and voila!  Perfect length. 

Lookin’ good!  Yes, the t-shirt is kind of like a dress, but we can fix that!


So focused!



A little smile for Mom :-)


Fancy footwork! 


He had a great first game.  We can tell that it’s tough for him to keep up with the other kids speed-wise, but so far that has not dampened his spirits and he still loves playing.

Looking forward to a fun season!


Yiannakis Family said...

So awesome that he loves sports so much and is staying active! He looks like he's having a great time in the pictures and I hope he keeps his great attitude!

Anonymous said...

Go Seamus! You are looking good!

Danette Baker

Kim said...

I just love how adorable he is in his soccer uniform. He is just too cute. Pres starts soccer Tuesday at the school to see if he likes it before selfish mommy has to commit myself to weekday practices and weekend games. I love that you fixed the shin guards. Awesome! Go Seamus! Rooting for you dude!

Destini said...

Goooooo Seamus! Lookin' good on the soccer field! Love the shin guard and sock fixes too! We don't have soccer in our area, but Trace is determined to play Flag Football next fall, we'll see!

Greene Family said...

Seamus is sooo cute in his soccer uniform! Love his smiley picture and fancy foot work! Great shin guard and sock fixes! I'm glad to hear how much fun Seamus is having, even if it is a little tough for him to keep up speed-wise! That is awesome that he loves sports so much! Have a great season, Seamus!!

Caden and Mommy said...

Seamus is adorable! and quite the athlete! Good find Grandma on the shin guards, she could make a nice profit if she found a few more for the rest of us LP Momma's :0)
I'm thinking of signing Caden up for the soccer tots that starts in a few weeks ... we will see, he doesn't seem to be a sports nut yet.