Monday, February 14, 2011

Busy, Busy

I know that many people think of this time of year as dull, but it always flies by for me…there’s so much going on!  It’s harder now with three kids to always remember to grab the camera, but I do try my best to document the daily fun we have.

Last week on a particularly chilly day, I taped a clear shower curtain to the kitchen floor and squeezed a bunch of finger paint all over it.  I gave the kids some foam brushes and let them go at it!  They had a blast.

  005 007 015


We also attended recently the Radioathon fundraiser for our favorite organization, the Ronald McDonald House.

Seamus heard that Southpaw would be there, so he had to dress the part!


We also got to hang out with the man himself, Ronald!


Seamus got a free ValleyCats hat and is training Liam to be a fan early!


Also on the agenda was a fun trip to Herkimer to the Weissers’ house!


Seamus and Ethan played “dirt bike racing” and literally ran circles around us!

019The fun day always ends with a photo shoot, and the kids were in a particularly silly mood…

  029 035 022

What a bunch of hams!


Always a fun time with our friends!


Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

I love the shower curtain idea. What fun! The kids looked like they had a blast.

Jen Weisser said...

I dont know why but the shower curtain on the floor makes me think of when you had them eat their popcicles in the bath tub! LOL!! Maybe it's cause I'm sure they went directly to the tub after they were done painting! & cause your such a neat freak! :) lol! May have to steal the idea tho since the tablecloth on the dining room table wasnt enough! btw next time I suggest we have arts & craft time remind me NO GLITTER GLUE!!!!! :)

Brad Fallon said...

These are beautiful kids! I love your photos!

Kim said...

I love Camenga/Weisser get togethers! There is so much cuteness overload. And I love that they are being silly. Too much! I also applaud you for allowing your kids to fingerpaint and paint in the kitchen with the possibility of getting paint off said shower curtain! You rock momma! Tell Seamus he has officially won me over again with his choice of football teams. :-)

Melissa Swartley said...

You're one brave mama squirting paints on a shower curtain! That's awesome! Glad you all had a wonderful time with the Weissers too! Tell me about it, 3 kids are quite a handful! You have a better excuse than me though, one of yours is a baby! I'd tell you that it will calm down after the first 3 years, but I'd be lying... LOL!

Greene Family said...

What a great idea - the shower curtain with the finger paints! Simon and Jude would love that.
It looks like the kids had a great time at the Radioathon fundraiser, and too cute that Seamus is already teaching Liam to be a ValleyCats fan!
Always love seeing pictures of your get togethers with the Weissers! The kids all look like they always have a blast together! Love the silly pictures and that last one on the steps!