Saturday, February 5, 2011

Skate Night

We had been eagerly anticipating out school’s annual Family Skate Night for weeks, knowing we would have a blast because it was so much fun last year!

The ice at our local community college is opened up for an hour and a half of private skate time for our school.  We had two hundred kids and parents in attendance!

I had a hard time snapping picture of the kids, because they were constantly on the move!  With the help of buckets, cones, and lots of older-grade friends, Seamus and Grace were cruising the ice in no time.


Grace is skating so well…she hung onto her cone for a while, but soon was off on her own!

017015 018

Seamus was seriously a maniac…he was flying around the rink so fast with these buckets, Devon had a hard time keeping up with him!  No matter, though, because Seamus finally turned around and said,”Dad, stop following me!”  Mr. Cool Guy wanted to impress everyone by skating without any help!

023 Then, as I was watching him through the window, he let go of his bucket and skated to the wall all by himself!  So proud of him!   025


No skates for me…I’m too chicken!  I played photographer and hung out with my sweet Blue Eyes…





Katie Jaye said...

Oh I can't stand the cuteness overload in all of your pictures!!! I'm so proud of Grace and Seamus for skating without the buckets; what and accomplishment! (Oh and so hilarious that Seamus said that to Devon! He cracks me up.)

Caden and Mommy said...

Em, your family is so darn cute. The last pic of Liam is precious, he is growing up so quickly.
Way to go Seamus! What a big boy, telling Dad he can do it alone, and all by himself :0)
Grace is so angelic, you have yet to do a post to convince me otherwise.

Kim said...

I read your blog the other day and now I am getting around to comment. When I read this I called my mother in to show her Liam-he is the most gorgeous baby! What an angel!
I am so proud of Seamus and Grace. I have to get Pres on skates. Maybe Seamus and Pres can think of a skate date as well.

Jaime said...

It looks like the kids had a blast! I'm so proud of them for skating on their own. And Seamus' comment to Devon - HILARIOUS!!! And Liam, all bundled up, is adorable!

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Hi Emily, ur family is beautiful. Ice skating is so much fun! I started a blog myself. Please send my link to all ur POLP friends. I would love to talk to them. Thanks.

Greene Family said...

So much cuteness!! LOVE that last picture of Liam - just want to kiss him! Way to go Seamus and Grace!! So much fun, and they look like they did awesome skating out there! Mr. Cool Guy is too funny!
Miss you guys!