Monday, May 14, 2012

New Kitchen

Finally, finally getting around to posting pictures of our new kitchen!  It’s been finished for some time now, however I kept waiting for the kitchen to be in an organized state before snapping photos.  Well, we all know that will never happen!  So I just took all the stuff and moved it to another room.  So no, my kitchen does not look like this in real life!

Here is the before pics.  These are a couple years old, but we basically were dealing with ugly white particleboard cabinets, outdated white appliances, and an extremely difficult to clean tile floor.

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Here is the after! Maple cabinets, new appliances, laminate flooring and granite countertops.


Instead of opening to the backyard, the kitchen now overlooks our new dining area.


We added two new sections of cabinets/countertop, one of them being 6” shorter with a shelf for a microwave.  This is primarily for the kids’ use and for Seamus to take over as his own as he gets older.


We really love how everything turned out!  My talented husband did all the work except for the countertop installation.  It wasn’t easy living in the mess for a few weeks, but so worth it. 


Devon and my father-in-law still plan to build a pull-out stepstool out of the cabinet in front of the sink, so hopefully Seamus will be fully independent in here.


Thanks for checking out our new kitchen!


Jane said...

It's gorgeous!!!

Amirah Bakri said...

I envy your kitchen. Happy cooking!!

Greene Family said...

WOW - it's Gorgeous!!! Love it!! How wonderful to have the lower counter and microwave for the kids . . . we've talked about doing the same when we "one day" have a bigger kitchen! I love how open it is with your new beautiful dining area too!
If Devon is looking for more projects, you guys can come stay with us for a while!! :)

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

This kitchen is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love how you lowered the counter and added the microwave!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations

Sophie Heinicke said...

Excellent choice of materials in renovating your kitchen cabinetry and flooring. It gave the room a homier and cozier feel. The difference between the before and after photographs is very remarkable. It would have been difficult to make the connection between the two.

Alana said...

Nice! Your kitchen flooring definitely compliments your kitchen countertops and cabinets. Also, it looks like it’s the type of flooring that would work well with kitchen floors. It’s important to have a kitchen floor that’s safe from slipping when it’s wet.

Alana Geikie

Chase Conely said...

I’d gladly cook forever if I am going to cook in that kind of kitchen. It’s so beautiful and the granite matches the floor, the walls, and even the appliances. Your kitchen looks more modern and elegant. I love it! Congratulations!

Louie said...

Wow. What a transformation! Your new kitchen looks really classy! Sometimes, it’s really about how the colors and lighting are arranged, and, the effect of the wood would never really go out style when it comes to your home interiors.

Louie Cunningham

Randell Jeffries said...

Terrific! Your kitchen is way better now, and it’s completely in good shape, Emily! Were you the one who come up with all these ideas, Emily? I must say, for anyone who wants to spruce up their kitchen must seek advice from you.