Sunday, November 11, 2012

Going to the Hop!

One of our favorite nights of the year is the Sacred Heart School Sock Hop!  It is so much fun to get all dressed up and dance the night away!


The boys were looking super cool with their leather jackets and spiked hair!


Grace just loved wearing a poodle skirt!


The kids stayed on the dance floor all night…I couldn’t drag them away!  Doing the Cupid Shuffle…


And Liam showing off his “Gangnam Style” moves!


We had a blast!  Thank you SHS!


Greene Family said...

Oh the cuteness!!! I always love seeing these photos of your kids dressed for and dancing at the Sock Hop!! :) Liam . . . you're growing up way too fast!! He and Seamus are too cool in their leather jackets, and Grace is beautiful!!

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Those are the cutest 50's outfits! Dressing up is so much fun! That Liam melts my heart! Xoxo