Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

Hooray for Halloween!  We had a great one!

Seamus and Grace were excited for the fun day at school.


Here’s how Liam felt about posing for pictures in the morning :-)


However, when the afternoon rolled around and he got to put on his skunk costume, he was all for it!  It took him about two minutes to understand that if he said “Trick or Treat,” he would get candy in his bucket!


My lovely mermaid, my little stinker, and Neil Armstrong.


Seamus was no ordinary astronaut…he was Neil Armstrong!  He carried the American flag and even memorized the “One small step” quote.


It was so cold and my poor mermaid was freezing, but she was determined that everyone would get to see her beautiful costume!


This was the most fun year yet, because all 3 were so into it.  After every house, Liam would turn to us and shout “Dey gave me tricka treat!!!”   He was so surprised at every door!


Happy Halloween!  Hope you all had a wonderful night!


mom7 said...

Your kids are so adorable. Loved the costumes!

Greene Family said...

Too cute!! :) Love their costumes and Seamus just cracks me up!! How fun that all three of them were so into this year!! We had so much fun with Simon and Jude so into it this year too!