Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vermont 2012

Here we are again…our annual Vermont fence pictures!  To catch up on our tradition, check it out here and here!

The fence, sadly, is even smaller than it was last year…the pieces that are still up are in good condition, so we’re hopeful it will be around a while longer!

My handsome little man…he needs to stop growing up! 


And my Gigi….she’s taller than the fenceposts now!


And…my little stinker.  Who absolutely refused to stand in front of the fence!  This pic is him sulking off on the side, saying, “No, I don’t want to!!”


Luckily, he decided to jump in an ham it up for the group pic!


Our family


Another fall has arrived and my babies are getting so big…wishing I could stop time for just a little bit!


Jen Weisser said...

Great pics!! Did you get a pic with Nanny, Pop, Chelsey & Ashley?

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Such wonderful pictures and a beautiful family! I love your tradition! You have to use one as your Xmas card pic!!! Xoxo

Melisa Chase said...

I'm totally absent from blogger these days (months). I happened to just pop on here and see these beautiful family photos. Emily, your hair has gotten so long too. I haven't seen any recent pics of you. You look awesome! That's what I get for being absent I guess.