Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Seamus' First Field Trip

Today I got to join Seamus and his class on their first field trip to the apple orchard! We had a fabulous time. The huge thrill of the day was getting to ride a school bus to the orchard. As the kids came off the bus, all of us parents swarmed the bus like the paparazzi trying to snap a shot of the Jolie-Pitt kids.

Here is Seamus with his adorable friend Payton...is she cute as a button or what?

This is Seamus' class, the "Blue" and "Yellow" Rooms. See Seamus holding his hands up to his eyes? He's mimicking the two dozen moms and dads who are all holding up cameras and snapping away!

Sometimes I truly don't realize how much smaller he is than the other kids!

These boys are the Three Amigos! I used to take care of Jack and Ethan before they all started school, and they have been buddies since birth.

He ate an apple! He ate an apple! Well, he took one bite after he saw the other kids do it, then handed it over to Mommy, who gladly scarfed it down.

The other highlight of the day...apple cider donuts!

Picking a pumpkin in the "pumpkin patch"...which was really a bunch of small pumpkins yanked from their vines and tossed into a little roped off area for the kids to "pick." Luckily, at three years old, this is still relatively exciting.

We had a super time, and can't wait to go back and do it again with Daddy and Grace!


jen said...

Way to go Seamus! One bite is better than none! And apple cider doughnuts are the best!!! We just finished off a dozen ourselves! YUMMY! Looks like it was a fun day! Cant wait to see you all aunday!

Kim said...

Baby steps Emily! The bite was the first small bite for you, one giant leap for Seamus! LOL! I am jumping up and down too! Of course the cider donut went down without a hitch I am sure.
He may be smaller, but he is the cutest. Are all the kids three? Only because I thought Jack was older.
What a fun field trip. It is so hot here, but I think we are due for some good fall weather this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Looks like such a fun day! I am jealous of him eating those apple cider donuts -- I still haven't gotten any this fall.

melkrivdo said...

Gotta love going on the field trips. Exciting stuff. Seamus has some wonderful friends.


Jaime said...

It sure looks like Seamus had a great time at the apple orchard - what a fun field trip! Way to go with the one bite, one is better than none. I can only imagine how good the apple cider donut was - it sounds heavenly!! Caitlyn's class is going on a field trip to the pumpkin patch on Thursday, we'll see if they just toss the pumpkins out there, which most places seem to do these days. Great pictures!

Greene Family said...

It looks like Seamus had a great time on his first field trip! Way to go with the one bite, Seamus! He's so cute - love the pic of him mimicking the parents taking pictures! :) Oh my, apple cider donuts - yum!

Destini said...

Super fun! My kids love apples - ok, maybe it's the caramel dip from McDonald's and Burger King, but they eat the apples too. Seamus looks like he has some great friends!