Thursday, November 13, 2008

Let's Go to the Hop!

Last week we attended the Sacred Heart School annual Sock Hop. It's a super fun event that the school holds every fall. The kids have a blast dressing up and then dance the night away! There's a twist contest, hula-hoop contest, and the limbo. The fifties' music is so fun and perfect for kids. Seamus and Grace's Poppy was the DJ, as he is every year. We have taken the kids in previous years, but this was the first time that Seamus attended as an official Sacred Heart Pre-K student! Here they are getting ready to rock around the clock...

Seamus decided he wanted to participate in the limbo the time I'm sure he was thinking, "What the heck is so hard about walking under a stick?"

But then it got a little lower...and a little he's thinking, "Look guys, you're doing it all wrong. Just bend forward! Oh man, I've got this contest in the bag!"

I think we have a future limbo pro here!

I didn't have time to get Seamus a little leather jacket and grease his hair, so I'm already thinking ahead to next year. He could get decked out like Danny from Grease, but I'm also tempted to dress him as Buddy Holly:

And Grace looked so cute in her poodle skirt, but I'm also thinking she'd make an adorable Lucille Ball!

Here's a video of Seamus and Poppy getting their groove on!

Be Bop A Lula!


Jennifer said...

How cute! What a great idea to have a sock hop! You have quite the little dancers there including Poppy!

Lisa said...

What fun stuff! Tooo cute! I have to remember to change your new address on my blog roll. (reminder to self).

Destini said...

OMG, Seamus and Grace are totally adorable at the sock hop! What great dancers, too! I vote for the leather jacket and slicked back hair, Seamus is too cool for Buddy Holly!

Melissa Swartley said...

Buddy Holly and Lucille Ball are great ideas for next year! The two of them are so cute in all the pics and the video! They really must of had a blast!

melkrivdo said...

You are right about the kids lovin 50's music. My kids go crazy when I play for them 'Splish Splash'. They look like they had a blast.


Danielle said...

The video is great and it looks like a great dance! I agree it's great for girls would go nuts over that!

Greene Family said...

Seamus and Grace are so adorable all dressed up and dancing at the sock hop! Great video . . . they really love to dance! I do think that you have a limbo pro in the family too!
I agree with Destini - Seamus is too cool for Buddy Holly and should try the leather jacket and slicked back hair next year! Grace would be so adorable as Lucille Ball!