Tuesday, November 18, 2008



"I am not kidding, if either one of you puts your tongue on that door one more time...I mean it!"

"That's IT! The door-licking is over!"

"Get your tongues off of that door, we're having a TIME OUT!"

*actual one-sided conversation between myself and my children, when said children were furiously running their tongues up and down our fogged-up glass outer door. File away in category, "Things I never thought I'd hear myself say."


Mike said...

Hahahaha ahahahahaa ahahahahahaha ahaha ahaha ahahahahahaha ahahaha ahahah a

Oh yeah, that's what I think!

Greene Family said...

Oh, too funny! I have been having very similar conversations with Simon lately . . . he started licking our back door last week.

Melissa Swartley said...

Haha! I am so glad I am not the only parent who has had this same one sided conversation with her kids! Anyone up for table gnawing?

Kim said...

LOL! That is too funny! As kids we used to write on the windows in the car when it fogged and my father would go nuts. How were we supposed to know our smiley faces and writing "Katie is a dork" would not come off? Too funny-but the question remains-did you have your camera?

mejane said...

What is it with young kids and glass doors??? I'm glad my kids aren't the only weirdos. I totally get not wanting to hear yourself say "stop licking the door!" It's like, "go fight with your sister/brother" so I can yell at them for that.
Too funny.

Destini said...

That is too funny (and I have a strange sense of deja vu)! Trace loves to pretend to be a puppy and lick everything - it is soooo gross! You totally crack me up and I can just visualize Seamus and Grace with those ornery grins licking away!

The Weisser's said...

OMG!!!!!!!! That's so funny! Ethan likes to pretend he's one of the dogs, smelling & licking random things! They can be such weirdos!!!!