Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Christmas Nightcap...Oops, I Mean Recap

On the first day of Christmas, Santa left for me...

My own personal winery!!
That's right, the Big Guy left Mommy a DOZEN bottles of wine under the tree. I knew I was good this year :-)
Christmas was a blast! Seamus had picked out presents for us at school at "Santa's Secret Shop," and I helped him wrap them on Christmas Eve. He was so proud!
Look at these angelic faces just before leaving for church...yeah, somebody sure knows that Santa is on his way!!

"Nanny, PULL!" Seamus trying very hard to get into his gift from Aunt Chachi and Aunt Ashy (a super-cool TAG reading system!)

A few highlights from Christmas morning! Every year we take a picture of ourselves in our jammies in front of the tree. My mom bought Grace and I matching pajamas this year! Daddy got a Dan Marino jersey from Santa, which he did not take off all day. (Santa loves eBay.)
Hey, who gave this kid yet another stick and projectile?? This is why Mommy needs wine!

Gracie loves her bear given to her by her big brother.

Check out these two cool dudes.
One of the favorite new toys...Geotrax Grand Central Station!
The visor was actually Seamus' gift to Daddy, but then he realized he needed to wear it so he could look like "Nicklaus." (Jack Nicklaus)
Another big event over the weekend...Grace has moved into her toddler bed! She loves sleeping in a big-girl bed and has transitioned to it perfectly. I was a little sad to see the crib taken apart and packed away...can't believe my baby girl is going to be 2! In other big news, she is also in the midst of potty training!

A very merry Christmas was had by all, and we hope that it was just as wonderful for all of our friends!


The Weisser's said...

Well. . . Merry Christmas to you!I guess you were a good girl this year! Looks like I dont need to pick up any wine for us this weekend! LOL! That's a lot of "mommy's juice"!(thats what Ethan calls it!)
Yay Gracie! What a big girl! I cant wait to see her new big girl room!
Love the pirate hat Seamus! ARRRGH!
Looks like you all had a great Christmas! Cant wait to see you all this weekend!

Alex said...

It looks like the kids had so much fun! I almost bought those green jammies for Sam this year...Target right? ;) Gotta love Target!!

Destini said...

Way fun! Trace got the Grand Central Station too (and the airport/barn/bridge and the construction site and the mountain, and and and - we now have an entire room dedicated to GeoTrax). I love the shot of Seamus putting with his visor on!

Melisa said...

Woohoo! Party at Emily's. Now that is a Chritmas gift right up my alley. Way to go Gracie! Move over Tiger Woods....Seamus is coming. Looks like the kids had a great Christmas.

Jaime said...

It sure looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas! How does Seamus like the TAG? I've seen it, but wasn't sure if it was beyond Caty. She got the My First Leappad and really likes it. They don't sell many of the books in the stores anymore, but luck for us EBAY exists as well as a used children store nearby. I love the picture of Seamus golfing - Caty loves to golf too! And Grace looks so grown up sitting in her bed! Have a glass or two of the "mommy juice" for me!

Kim said...

What's TAG? I am so behind-but I must say we have wacthed the Letter factory 956 times so far. I get-"Mommy the ABC one from Seamus."
Ok on to your post. As usual the kids are ridiculously adorable. I mean really. That Christmas Eve picture was super cute. I envy your Christmas present. I am also sure Devon was quite pelased with Miami heading to the playoffs. (My friend Mel-not so much).
I am very proud of big girl Gigi on her move to her toddler bed! As usual the kids are so cute.

Melissa Swartley said...

Very cool winery! Hey where was my hubby when that idea was tossed around the office?! Oh boy, I sure do hope you have your house proofed for all those sticks and projectiles! Hockey and golf?! I love the photo of the kids with their discmans! Too cute! Congrats to Grace on her transition to her big girl bed and potty training!!! They grow up too fast don't they?!

Danielle said...

It looks like you guys had a very Merry Christmas! I love the winery, that's awesome! Riley got the TAG system too, it's pretty cool. I love Seamus putting and playing hockey!! And that's a great family picture...what a good idea!

Greene Family said...

It looks like you guys had a very Merry Christmas - the kids look like they had a blast! I love the photo of Seamus and Grace dressed up for church - so adorable! Seamus looks like such a pro putting, and Grace looks very happy in her new big-girl bed! Love the winery too!

Anonymous said...

You're children are absolutely precious. Seamus looks like he's going to be quite the jock. I love his golf form! And you're matching pjs are so cute! I'm glad you had a very Merry Christmas!

Caden and Mommy said...

Your subject of this post cracks me up :0) The kids are adorable with their presents - I love Seamus's expressions!