Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Now That I've Awoken From My Sugar Coma...

People, people. Why am I not feeling the Pay It Forward love? Is everyone afraid of the Pay It Forward challenge? Tiffany, help me out here! It's meant to be fun, really. You can make anything you like. Remember those spray-painted macaroni necklaces? Easy as pie! And a whole year in which to create it. So no worries! I will keep that post up for a while for any brave soul who may feel like tackling the challenge. Come on, you know you want that cute crayon roll!

Easter weekend was super fun. I believe I ate my weight in peanut butter eggs and yellow Peeps. What, didn't you? I just can't resist those pastel colors! I think after this holiday, the kids have figured out that Easter seriously trumps Halloween in terms of acquiring the best loot.

For starters, your parents don't make you dress up in ridiculous costumes.

Second, you're not forced to go out and beg for your candy, you simply wake up and the candy comes to you.

Third, I can't think of any Halloween where somebody dropped sidewalk chalk, DVDs, and John Deere tractors in my bag. Pretty sweeeeet.

And last, jellybeans for breakfast. Need I say more? Halloween is definitely lacking in the early-morning sugar rush area. The morning after Halloween, your parents have already confiscated your candy stash and are doling out a piece at a time...AFTER you eat your dinner, of course.

I love Gigi's face here. "And just what exactly is all this supposed be?"

Checking out the goods.

My pretty Gracie girl.

Mothers, lock up your daughters! Check out this studmuffin.

My kids were so into the candy theme of the day, they even dressed like candy...aren't they the cutest little orange TicTacs you've ever seen?

Happy Easter everyone!


Alex said...

Awww...they look adorable in their matching outfits!

Caden and Mommy said...


I LOVE your little Orange Tic-Tac's ~ they are So cute. I love how their outfits are coordinated and of course they are nicely ironed!
You are funny .... Easter better then Halloween~ I had never thought of that but your reasoning makes absolute sense!
Sorry I'm not feeling the love on the pay it forward challenge ... I'll think about it :0)

Jaime said...

Seamus and Grace look adorable in their matching outfits! They are too cute!

Greene Family said...

My goodness - your pretty Gracie girl and studmuffin Seamus are too adorable!! I love their outfits! I couldn't agree with you more on reasons why Easter big time trumps Halloween! :) The first photo of Grace finding her Easter basket is so cute! We can't wait to meet you guys in person! I should have told my hubby to hide some of the chocolate that he got me for Easter . . . I might be in a little trouble at my next prenatal weigh-in! Haha! Happy Easter!

Melissa Swartley said...

Oh I am with ya on the Reeces peanut butter eggs! I am totally in love with them and I could eat them until I am sick! I love their matching orange outfits! You are so right, I better lock up my daughters, your studmuffin is way too cute! Gracie is so sweet looking at her loot! I'm thinking about the pay it forward challenge! It would be really fun, I have been soooo super busy with appointments for Sonya that I just haven't thought out a plan yet... We'll see! :) Happy Easter!!!

Destini said...

Seamus' face in the studmuffin picture is just too much! They look so adorable in their matching outfits! And you are sooooo right about Easter being a way better candy holiday than Halloween! A lady at work was selling Chocolate Eggs filled with peanut butter fudge - Oh My Goodness, they were to die for! I ate more than my fair share!

Kim said...

Ok I found it! That is my next pic I am ordering for my office of the Camenga kids! LOVE IT! Ahhh I am getting all giddy over here about your children in the matching outfits. You know me Em-I am totally feeling the clothes here! They are the two most gorgeous siblings ever! Cannot wait to see you guys (and Seamus will be FOUR-FOUR!!!! How did that happen)? I loved your reasoning on the Easter is better than Halloween. I was cracking up. And I love the peeps too. So good. My mother bought some sort of ridiculously delicious fudge eggs from Costco this year. Yum.
Ok I am the least creative person in the world but I will consider your pay it forward if I can get my sister in law on board because I may have something!

Mandy said...

They are soo cute. I love their matching "tic tac" outfits. Where ever did you find those?

The Weisser family said...

Love the "tic-tac" outfits! I couldnt wait to see them in them! Gracie is just such a lil princess! (love the confused expression on her face in the pic w/ the basket!) & Seamus quite the lil stud muffin! Cant wait to see you guys next weekend!

John said...

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