Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Has...Not Yet Sprung

We were teased for a while. Beautiful sunshine, balmy temperatures, tons of outdoor fun. And just as I began packing away the winter coats and boots...BAM! It's winter again. I should know better, I really should. It is the Northeast after all.

However the warmer weather does not come without its challenges. In the spring, I have to give myself about two weeks to adjust to the fact that our windows are now open, and the whole flippin' neighborhood can hear me yelling at my kids about the two dozen Disney stickers plastered to the coffee table.

This indecisive weather is really messing with my adjustment period.

I offer up my apologies to the residents of Ahern Ave. Really, I'm not a crazy mom...unlike the lady behind me who screams at her kids so much I keep expecting Jo Frost's Mini Cooper to pull up for an emergency SuperNanny intervention.

I don't think I yell at intervention-level just yet. Hopefully my neighbors will agree!

Ready for some sunshine...

Still pretty grey and dreary.

Grace is ready to be playing outside.
And Seamus is thinking of trying out a new 'do for spring. What do you think?


Bobbi said...

This weather is driving me crazy, too! One day we can wear capris and flip flops...the next day we need sweaters and winter coats. Make up your mind why don't cha!

I'M GLAD I'M NOT THE ONLY MOM THAT YELLS SOMETIMES!!! LOL Your Jo Frost comment had me ROTF. Good One!!!

Cute pics...Seamus is gonna have the girls knockin on your door before you know it. And Grace, vice versa with the boys. Beautiful kiddos!! :)

Melisa said...

Hop on a plane and fly out here to has been really nice here lately...70ish...a few windy days but nice. Looks like the kiddos want to get out and do some easter egg hunting. Cute pics.

Kim said...

Oh I feel o much better. Preston has become the world's biggest crybaby and today I just lost it! I felt so awful yelling at him too! Anyway, I here you on the spring. I was completely lied to-because it was gorgeous today only to drop into the 50's again.
Love that picture of Gigi at the window even though I already had a sneak peak. Not only do I love Seamus' hair style, his choice of baseball teams has my vote too! They are just the cutest!

Melissa Swartley said...

LOL! Living in a townhome, I always wonder how loud is too loud when yelling at the kids! "Stop picking on your sister!, Don't draw on my walls!, Leave the poor cat alone!" LOL! Seriously, where is that warm weather already?! Nice do Seamus! It's rockin'! I love the picture of Grace looking out the window! Beautiful!

Caden and Mommy said...

Sorry you are still stuck in the dreary skies! I think spring finally arrived here this weekend, hopefully it sticks around! I love that pic of Grace staring out the window - too cute! and I give Seamus's new hairstyle an A!

Greene Family said...

Love the photos, especially the one of Grace looking out the window (so sweet)!! I love Seamus' new hairstyle too!
I think spring has finally arrived here (was upper 60s over the weekend), but it doesn't seem quite certain yet since it is chilly again all this week (low 50s). I just can't wait until we can be outside everyday.
Your Jo Frost comment cracked me up! I always wonder how loud I am to the neighbors when our windows are open too. :)

The Weisser family said...

I am totally feeling your pain! I packed all of our winter stuff away & then had to pull it all back out. & I am terrified of the windows being open! I think the neighbors can hear me w/ the windows closed! lol! Ethan's been n lots of trouble latly! I've actually thought about calling super nanny myself!!

I LOVE that pic of Gracie! Thats one to hang on the wall! I actually saved it on my computer! looks like a professional pic!

Jillsblog said...

I love the picture of Grace looking out the window. Gotta love the northeast...ick...though today was beautiful outside. We played baseball for 2 hours at the park today...Love Seamus' hair too...

Becky said...

Our weather has been the same way. It's killing me! I just need some warmer weather to get outside walking and hanging out with Olivia somewhere other than the living room floor! The picture of Grace looking out the window is so precious! It looks like it belongs in a book or magazine or something!

Destini said...

I'm sooo with ya on this stinking weather, although it is supposed to be really nice this weekend, we'll see. Taylor thinks that Seamus is really cute, and with their similar eating habits, they just might be a match made in heaven! I absolutely adore that picture of Grace looking out the window - you should totally have it in like a 10x13 hanging somewhere in the house! I guess living in the country has it's priviledges - I can yell as loud as I want (and my kids still don't care)! BTW, stickers have been banished from the Davis household for the same reason!