Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wild Things!

Last Sunday we took a trip to the Utica Zoo with our friends the Weissers!

We almost didn't go because the forecast called for rain showers. The sun was shining, so we decided to take a chance and drive out. Well, not only did it not rain, it was freakishly hot for an April afternoon in upstate NY. Like, Amazon hot. Really added to the zoo ambiance!

The first thing we saw were the monkeys. The kids absolutely loved them. The spider monkeys, however, were getting a we didn't spend too long hanging around their cage!

Here are Seamus and Ethan taking a little PB sandwich break.

Next on the list were the tigers and wolves. What we didn't realize was that the tiger pen was at the top of a very large hill. So Jen with the double stroller containing Gigi and Collin, and me with the wagon and the older boys, started the loooong journey to the top. Sheesh! Talk about a workout! We seriously had to stop halfway up and take a breather! (Oh, and in case you were wondering...our hubbies were out playing GOLF. Are we superstar wives of the year or what?)

The tigers were very cool, but we realized too late that the wolves were even further up this ginormous we did what any decent parent would do and flat-out lied to our kids. The wolves were "sleeping," it was their naptime and we didn't want to wake them up. I figured it was very responsible of us - it would have been terrible to leave four small kids unattended by the wolf cage while their mommies were passed out on the grass from heat exhaustion!

Sea lions were up next - I think these were probably the favorite of the day!

I would have found this donkey to be incredibly cute and charming...if it weren't for the giant "I BITE" signs hanging behind his pen. I snapped this pic quickly and then we made sure everyone kept their fingers attached to their bodies!

The kids spotted this playground and of course couldn't wait for us to turn them loose and let them play. They had a great time running around and exploring the giant tires.

We took some cute pics and I tried not to hyperventilate as Grace was literally rolling around in the dirt in her new outfit. (Yes, I have been told I need therapy for this! I have stock in Shout.)

My handsome little man.

Best buddies!
Not a drop of rain fell, although right about this time we would have gladly welcomed it! Jen and I had to hold each other back from jumping into the sea lions' pool to cool off.

Super fun day at the zoo with our friends!

P.S. We are also looking forward to meeting our adorable blog friends, JD and Anne, at the Boston Aquarium this weekend!


Katie said...

What a great time at the zoo with the most adorable little monkies! HOw fun that you guys are so close! I'm right there with you on the new outfit getting dirty. I know I must accept that dirt happens,but it's soooo hard! haha. Great pictures and I'm happy to hear there was no passing out at the zoo!

Destini said...

So I totally would have lied to my kids too, if that makes you feel any better! Why do all zoos have to be on a giant hill? Looks like a great time, and you got some great shots of the monkeys, I mean kids! You were probably lucky that the hubbys were out golfing, cause if they are anything like my hubby, they just would have been complaining about the heat all day anyway!

Jaime said...

I think I would have lied too, although Caitlyn would be one to push and shove just to see the cage with the wolves, whether they were sleeping or not! I love the picture of Seamus, what a cutie! I hear ya on the rolling around in the dirt with new clothes on!! Sometimes you just have to give in because you know how much fun they are having!

Greene Family said...

It looks like everyone had a great time!! Haha - I would've told Simon the same - the wolves are sleeping! :) Great photos, especially the tire photos - the kids are all so adorable and they look like they have such a blast when you guys get together!
You two are superstar wives - I can't let my hubby read this one and get golfing ideas for the next time we go to the zoo with friends - haha!
Same here with the new clothes and dirt, but the smiles on their faces always make it worthwhile!

The Weisser family said...

I still cant believe how disgustingly hot it was! I had to shower before bed cause I didnt wanna get my grossness on the blankets! & boy oh boy did the heat make the "zoo dirt" stink more than usual!!!Especially the donkey! PU!! & I really need to get in shape! We totally should have been able to make that hill w/ out a rest! Pathetic! lol!

Melissa Swartley said...

Absolutely adorable photos of the kids! LOL! I would have lied about the wolves too! We had that crazy heat wave in PA too! Whoo! Nothing like going from one extreme to the other! Glad you all had a great time despite the heat!

Kim said...

Laughing so hard here. I would totally have lied. I white lie a lot. My favorite part of this post was your hyperventilating over Gigi getting dirty. I get upset when Preston starts to get gross I can only imagine this with a daughter. You guys look like you had an awesome time! I am glad the weather held up for you guys.
Love the up close pic of Seamus. That is frame worthy!

Melisa said...

We mom's have to lie a little now and then. And the OCD as I can be, I am just plain exhauted sometimes and you just have to give in even with the girls and let them get dirty. Great pictures of the kids. Love seeing the meet ups!