Monday, July 6, 2009

New York, New York!

We’re here!  And we are having a blast!!

First off, I need to share…



Although technically, we didn’t “meet” Amy Roloff, it was more like I pounced on her on the sidewalk outside the hotel and wouldn’t let her leave until I could get a picture with her.

It sounded something like this:

“AMY!  AMY!  OH MY GOD, AMY!  Hi!  This is Seamus!  It’s his birthday!  He’s four!  Can we PLEASE have a picture???”

I’m also pretty sure I was jumping up and down a little as I was shouting this.  Yep…I’m an idiot.  But she was sweet as could be, and stopped and chatted with us and took pictures with the kids.  Awesome!

We are staying in a great hotel, and having so much fun.  Tonight was the Welcome Reception, and the kids just danced and had a ball meeting new friends and seeing all the great entertainers perform.

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I have video to share as well, but because I refuse to pay $12.95 for 24 hours of internet access, I will upload those at another time!  (Gotta love NY.  The omelettes on the breakfast menu here are 21 bucks.)

The convention has been amazing.  Not only have we met up with so many of our great blogging friends, we are making many new friends as well!  People are so kind, and outgoing, and just come right up to us and chat, which is fantastic.  I kept getting a little teary-eyed during the reception tonight, because I just still can’t believe we’re here!  I can’t believe our journey with Seamus had brought us to this incredible destination, where we can truly connect with other families and just feel so welcome and loved.  And to experience it all on his birthday, the day we once thought we’d be saying goodbye to him, makes it even more special.

More fun to come in the next two days, before we take off for our next destination!


Poppy said...

Wow !!! You guys are Amazing and keep getting stronger every day !
I am so proud of all of you and how you make your (and Seamus's) life a true adventure !

I miss you all so much ! Have Big Fun and I will see you all soon !

And will have "Close Your Eyes" waiting ! LOVE POPPY

Mandy said...

It looks like you all are having a great time! I sure do wish we were there. I love the part where you got star stuck. So funny! Keep the posts coming.

Melisa said...

Another Roloff meeting! Great pictures. Keep them coming. Looks like you are having a fantastic time.

Caden and Mommy said...

I agree with everything you say! Everyone is SO welcoming!

Jillsblog said...

oh, come on, you are making us so jealous!!! Happy Birthday Seamus!!! Glad to hear you are having fun!!!

Anonymous said...

You are too good. Already getting a post up -- wow! We are having a great time too, and it has been so great meeting everyone!

Greene Family said...

Love the pictures - so adorable! It looks like you guys are having a blast! It is great to hear how welcoming everyone is and how awesome to celebrate Seamus' birthday at the convention! Too funny - I would have been right there with you calling out Amy's name and jumping up and down! :) Wish we were there too! Looking forward to meeting you guys in November!

Melissa Swartley said...

Yay! You too! Caden also got a pic with Amy! So awesome! I'm so glad you guys are having a blast! This makes me so excited for our first time which is looking like it will be next time in Nashville! Keep up the fun!!!

Katie said...

I got a little teary eyed at that last part! It's amazing how far everyone has come and to look back at where you start is pretty cool. I'm glad you are all having a blast! I wish we were there to play! Thanks for the updates!

Leong Family's said...

Happy Birthday Seamus!! Look like you are having a blast at the party. Glad to hear that you are having so much fun.

Destini said...

You and Trish might need a Roloff support group or something :) I think we totally needed a video of you jumping up and down! Love the Spiderman face, very cool, I'll have to show it to Trace this evening! Glad you are having fun, can't wait to see more pictures!!!

Laura Wolf said...

Happy Birthday!! Wow, you met Amy Roloff and Spider-man all in one day. Gotta love NYC. BTW, does that omelett feed a family of 4? LOL!!!

Lisa said...

I'm WAYYY behind and catching up on all of the blogs. LOVE THE PICS!!!