Thursday, July 9, 2009

Road Trippin’

Next up on our big adventure was a visit to my Aunt Maureen and Uncle Jon in New Jersey! 

Tuesday evening, they had a delicious dinner ready for us and after we stuffed ourselves full, they took us all to the Ocean City boardwalk, where the kids enjoyed the rides. 




Thanks for having us, Aunt Maureen and Uncle Jon!

The next morning we headed for Cape May, NJ and took the ferry over to Delaware.

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It was gorgeous out, and the kids loved the big boat!  We even spotted some dolphins!

Roadside picnic in Delaware, just before crossing into Maryland.


Wednesday evening we landed at Rocky Mount, NC, and had some time to chill out by the pool.  Grace ventured out on her own with her swimmies on for the first time! 


Seamus preferred to hang out on the stairs, but I have a feeling that he’ll be out there with his sister in no time.



After a few more hours of driving on Thursday, we are finally at Myrtle Beach!  We are in a hotel for two nights, and we check into our condo on Saturday.  We are anxious for that, because Grace has been absolutely losing her mind every night when it comes to winding down for bed.

We’ve begged, pleaded, yelled, disciplined, and finally resorted to sheer bribery…but nothing seems to be working!

She is definitely not used to all of us sleeping on one room together, so we are really hoping things will settle down at the condo, when she will be sleeping in a separate room.

If not…at least there will be wine there.  I can learn to deal for a week!

Beach pics coming soon!


Kim said...

I cannot deal with the picture of your kids wrapped up in matching towels!!!!! Go Grace for venturing out on her own in the pool. I feel as if Preston is more like Seamus with the pool right now-hang where it is safe. I also don't believe that you and Devon yelled-impossible. I have known you for a couple of years and I never have heard you raise your voice! Gigi must be a holy terror then! I have to say as soon as Pres was dropped into his own room again-sleeping was a breeze. It is hard having everyone together. I am also super jealous that you are still on vacation.
I did not comment on your NYC posts because I am only seeing them now, but I love the Statue of Liberty pics with the foam hat on Grace and all. What a fun fun trip. I will send you all the pics on Kodak when I load them up! There is a great shot of you and I. Have a fun time in Myrtle Beach!

Mandy said...

Andrea has really taken to the pool this year. SHE LOVES IT! Wow you get a long vacation! Hope you have a great time at the condo. Hopefully everyone will get some much needed sleep.

Melisa said...

Hope the condo works for you. I love how you added the "wine" in there to help take the edge off of things if need be....that is totally me. Great pics. Aidan has done much better this year with his second year of swim lessons. The goggles for him worked like a charm. Now he loves putting his head in the water and has ventured away from the stairs a bit and uses a noodle. I so wish we had a pool so the kids can get more swimming practice in.

Laura Wolf said...

I've noticed a theme, boats and water. Looks like you are having a great time. That's awesome about Grace in the water. It's good for them to feel comfortable in the water. Hope you can get some sleep in the condo.

Melissa Swartley said...

Woo hoo for the OC boardwalk! We will be there in just 3 more weeks, can't wait! I love love love the pic's of the kids swimming! So cute! Glad you are having a great time!!!

Caden and Mommy said...

I cannot believe you guys are still on vacation! If we were on vaca that long with Caden I think Dan and I would loose our mind! I am SO glad to hear that Grace is acting up at bedtime ~ your kids seemed too angelic the few times we got to see you all at the conference! I'm happy to hear Grace is acting like a two year old!
I'm bummed we didn't get to see you guys more at the conference! We all know how overwhelming it was! Ethan and Seamus are SO cute together, I can't get enough of it!

Greene Family said...

How fun - love road trips!! Great pictures, as always! Seamus is so adorable and Grace is so pretty - just love their smiles! The picture of the two of them wrapped in beach towels is so cute! Way to go for venturing out on your own in the pool, Grace!
Have a great time in Myrtle Beach! Hopefully, Grace will sleep better once at the the condo! Looking forward to seeing more pictures from your fun trip!

Bobbi said...

Road trips are so much fun! (we just got back from 2 wks on the road!!). I love the shot of the two kiddos wrapped up in their towels....too cute!!!!

Destini said...

So glad the road trip is coming along well! I so heart Myrtle Beach, I have so many childhood memories there! Try a ring with Seamus, Trace gets in his ring (it is 18 or 20 inches in diameter, I think), and jumps in the pool and goes all over the place - he has absolutely no fear (you just have to be close, just in case he slips through or decides to try to swim without it)! Hope Grace is doing better!