Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Apple Festival '09

One of our favorite fall events is the Altamont Apple Festival.

As soon as we enter the gate, there is a woman selling these styrofoam and pipe cleaner spiders on a stick...for a buck! Can't beat that for all day entertainment (meaning: an all-day sibling stick-poking extravaganza.)

The little buckaroos also get to take a rip-roarin pony ride - and Mommy gets to totally destroy her new shoes in the mucky swamp that the ponies were walking around.

But what's a pair of shoes compared to the happiness on those little faces, right? I'll just have to remind them when they're older and making the big bucks...Kids, Mama needs new shoes!

Face painting by clowns is always a blast...except I'm pretty sure I could have painted a better baseball myself, and I wasn't the one qualified to wear clown shoes and a big rubber nose. I guess clowning standards are not what they used to be!

Every year at this festival, I buy the kids a winter hat from a lady who makes the nicest fleece hats. The plan was to get one for Seamus to match his winter coat, but he had other ideas! He spotted the Yankees fleece and just would not accept any substitutes. I guess he is pretty passionate about it though, because here's how we found him at 10pm that night!

Dreaming of a big win for the Yanks!


Melissa Swartley said...

The spiders on sticks are so stinkin cute! What a great idea! Looks like the kids enjoyed themselves! Sorry to hear about the shoes! Bummer! Why is it always muddy when we choose to go to these types of things?! Love the hat! That is so sweet that you found Seamus like that! At least you know he will definitely make good use of it and wear it faithfully! Too cute!

Melisa said...

How fun! Reminds me of our annual Apple Hill trip which if all goes well we should be going to this coming weekend. I love the last picture with Seamus zonked out wearing his new fleece hat.

Kim said...

Oh my Gosh, ok first off let's start with your last post that somehow did NOT show up on my blogroll! ARGH! Preston and Seamus are both in awe of that song except Pres' favorite part is when they shout the days of the week (although I think he is confused as to why they say Saturday twice). He asks me all the time to see the "dance from Oprah" Have you seen this? Go to You Tube and type in Black Eyed Peas on Oprah. They got 21 thousand people to dance to I Gotta Feeling and Oprah had no clue. It was awesome. Seamus is a ham! Love him!
Second, I am laughing at your clown comment. I hate clowns to begin with but super funny. I also love how you were hoping for a hat to match the winter coat. How alike we are, but I am super happy with Seamus' choice. Because next time I am in Albany I may be sneaking that Red Sox hat away.
Love the pics of the kiddos. They are two of the most smily adorable kids ever!

Kim said...

And I just realized-Seamus sleeps with a book too? This is par for the course in our house!

Laura Wolf said...

Spiders on a stick are really cool! Love the smilely grins on the kids faces. What a precious sleeping picture of Seamus. Love the hat.

Greene Family said...

What a fun day! Fall festivals are on my favorite things about this time of year! Seamus and Grace are so adorable - love their smiles - they are always so happy! The spiders on a stick are cute! Love the picture of Seamus sleeping with his new hat on!

Anthea said...

I just love that last photo - very loyal fan I would say. Glad you had a very fun day!

Mandy said...

It looks like everyone had a great time. Both the kids are so stinkin' C-U-T-E!