Monday, October 26, 2009

Wii Will Rock You

Before we had children, I swore to Devon that we would NEVER EVER EVER have video games in the house.

"They rot your brain!" I'd say, sounding like somebody's elderly grandmother. I held strong to my convictions...but then Nintendo had to go and create something insanely awesome like the Wii.

Ugh, Nintendo, you're killing me here! I was trying to be all tough and stern! But I caved...and we got a Wii from my parents for Christmas last year.

Although, I have to say, it is kind of hard to classify the Wii as a video game, when you basically can't sit down while you're playing. We try sooooo hard to encourage physical activity, and it's hard not to love a game like this that makes you work hard and even sweat a little. We don't have too many games yet, because the Wii Sports alone keeps us all quite occupied. I enjoy it very much...if I ever get a turn with all these Wii-hogs in the house!

Tiger Woods in training! He is a seriously good Wii golfer.

Seamus and his Mii.

I think it looks just like him!
I can see the concentration in that stuck-out tongue.
Look out for this one, she's a wild thing.
Take cover!!!
Gracie and her Mii...I love the little bow in her hair.
Any other Wii fans out there? What are some good games? We like the active ones!


Melisa said...

I like the Wii. I just haven't broke down to buy it. We've borrowed it a few times from my sister. The kids love it! Why is it that the kids seem to do better than us grown ups? You got some great shots. Seamus stands like a golfing out Tiger Woods! Cute picture of Gracie...can't believe how much she looks like you!!

Melissa Swartley said...

Yay! We love our wii too! Last year for Christmas we got the wii fit board! I love hula hooping and yoga on it, Zoe loves skiing and hubby likes to test his balance skills! We have a blast with it!
Seamus has the perfect mii! It looks just like him and Grace's is super cute too! Looks like the kids are hooked!

Monica Hagen said...

I am Monica Melisa Chase's sister. I see she already posted. Aidan likes doing the golf and bowling and evn enjoys doing the punching bag. Its cute to see his arms swing trying to hit the bag.

Kate said...

Their Miis are just as cute as them! I definitely agree with you that Wii is an awesome game system. They came out with a Wii Fit Plus so I would reccommend getting one of those. You and the kids will totally love it. And you'll get addicted to the work out and when that happens I suggest EA Active which is a better cardio workout anyway. It'll help with the cross training for running.

Jaime said...

We love our Wii!! We have a ton of fun - in fact Caitlyn is asking me, as I type this, if we can play.

One of the things that I love about it, besides the Wii Fit Plus workouts, is having friends Mii's in our game. It's so fun doing my stepping on the Wii Fit and having Mike, Cherylle and the kids stepping along side of me.

Let me know if you'd like to exchange Wii #'s to have our Mii's on each others games.

Mandy said...

We have a Wii and my kids love it. Although Andrea hasn't gotten the gist with the bowling. He doesn't know when to let go of the B button at the right time. LOL the ball is constantly rolling into the spectators. LOL

Jillsblog said...

JD, I mean Wii love the Wii. He loves everything we, golf, Mario Cart, Football games, everything! I have to say he is really good too! We just got rock band drums and he can play a mean "Eye of the Tiger"....too funny, we should connect our Wii for a Mii Parade. I need to do that with Jaime too. Have fun and the Wii Fit is super fun too.!!!!

Kim said...

I am at a total loss. Being divorced there are no men in my house to break down and buy a video game console. That said, my mom bought Preston a game system by VTech last Christmas that I still have not put together but it is purely educational so I guess I will do it. I am not one to be too stern since I live behind this computer, BUT I am not really a video game person (except my first Nintendo back in the 1980's)!
The Miis of the kids however are ADORABLE. I really want to just grab Grace and give her a hug in that last pic she looks so sweet. And is that a line of cars in the picture? Are our boys that alike???

Destini said...

I finally broke down and got one this summer. The kids love playing Wii Sports and Mario Kart! I haven't gotten many games either, especially since Taylor got a DSi for her birthday and wants games for it! I really want a Wii Fit Plus though, I'm just too cheap to spend the $99!

Greene Family said...

Cute pictures!! Seamus' Mii does look a lot like him, and Gracie's is really cute too! I love all of the trucks lined up behind them! The last picture of Gracie is super sweet!
We don't have any video games here yet (aside from my old Atari that is in a box - haha), but we have been considering get the Wii.

Lorie said...

Okay, I think we are soul mates! I refused to have video games in my house as well. We bought a Wii two summers ago instead of taking a family vacation. (my oldest was 6).

We LOVE it! And Wii Sports is still out favorite!

Jen Weisser said...

I feel the same way about video games! But the Wii is great since you arent a couch potatoe playing it! We had a blast using yours! I am so excited that my parents are getting us a Wii for Christmas! I cant wait!

Caden and Mommy said...

I'm behind in blog land! I LOVE Seamus's Mii, his Mii really does look like him. I had the same opinions about video games as you. However Dan has always been a video game junkie so I knew darn well I would loose the battle once we had kids -ugh! We have a wii but just recently has Caden learned what it is - however his attention span is quite short, which is fine with me! I've been thinking about checking out the Toy Story mania?!