Saturday, October 31, 2009

They Vant to Suck Your Blood!

Oooh...I have some spooky little vampires taking over my house!
Halloween! The anticipation is almost too much to handle. The decorations, costume planning and creation, the parties, the trick-or-treating rehearsal...wait, what's that?

Oh, you're telling me your kids didn't rehearse?

Well. Mine did. They walked around the house with their jack-o-lantern buckets, banging on the walls and yelling "TRICK OR TREATING! TRICK OR TREATING!"
And then Devon and I had to put stuff in their old pens and paperclips. I think they knew after a while that we were trying to pull the wool over their eyes, though, because I heard Seamus saying to Grace, "I think the other houses give us CANDY."

We had a great weekend, attending a super fun Halloween party with our buddies from school.
And having a Halloween version of puppet theater.
The big day finally arrived! All day we watched the wind gusting fiercely, breaking small tree limbs and knocking over patio furniture. We had plans to trick-or-treat around 4pm, and right up until then, the rain held off.

Here they are! My sprinkle cupcake and Batman!
We hit the first few houses and all was well...until the skies opened up and it poured on us! We managed to make it to 5 or 6 houses, which luckily was enough to satisfy the kids. They were ready to head home and enjoyed handing out candy to the other brave trick-or-treaters who didn't mind the pouring rain.
So a bit of a bummer that we didn't get to enjoy a full night out, but we still had a great time and they are already talking about next year's costumes (note to self: get started on the costumes NOW.)

Hope you all had a spooky good time!


Jaime said...

Great pictures! We've got a picture of Caitlyn with pink vampire teeth - our Halloween blog will be posted soon. I'm glad that the kids got a handful of houses in before it poured. I hate to say it, but I was in capris while trick or treating. Love the kids costumes - Grace is such a sweet looking cupcake and Seamus is quite the batman!

Destini said...

What cuties, Grace's cupcake costume is just too cute! Love Seamus telling Grace that "other houses" give them candy! Too funny!

Kim said...

DID YOU MAKE GRACE'S COSTUME? Hanging head in shame that I bribed another mother for my kid's costume. She looked good enough to eat. And Seamus-what a cool Batman! When did the boys become so superhero crazed? Suddenly Preston only wants Superhero underwear. I love how they practiced trick or treating. So funny. I am so sad it rained on your guys. Truly it puts a damper on things, but luckily they were satisfied with all the houses they went to. I used to make Katie and Chris trick or treat for hours until they were exhausted. Now time for the next big holiday! Thanksgiving!!!!

Melissa Swartley said...

Awesome pictures! Grace's costume is amazing! I love it! Seamus is such a cute Batman! I love the trick or treating story! Too funny!!!! Happy Halloween!

Laura Wolf said...

The kids looked like they had a great time regardless of the rain coming. Love batman and the cupcake. What a cute idea!

Caden and Mommy said...

Your vampires are much too adorable! I think that is so cute they practiced ... and they were conversing about the other houses giving Candy - love it! Adorable costumes! What fun!

Melisa said...

At least you got a little time to enjoy trick or treating. Love the pictures of your kids in costume. The cupcake is by far the most creative costume this year that I have seen. Great work!!

Jen Weisser said...

OMG!! The cupcake costume is awesome!!! I just wanna take a big bite out of her! I love that they practiced trick or treating! too funny!

Anonymous said...

What a cute cupcake! I think that's so funny that they rehearsed trick-or-treating. I'm sorry that it rained on you guys but at least the kids still enjoyed themselves.

Greene Family said...

That is too cute that they rehearsed trick or treating and that Seamus told Grace that other houses give candy! Crack me up! Great costumes - Grace is such cute cupcake and Seamus is an awesome Batman! It looks like the kids had a fun day, and I'm glad that they were happy with going to 5 or 6 houses (bummer about the rain)!
Can't wait to hear/see what costumes they are requesting for next year!