Saturday, November 14, 2009

Old Friends and New!

We love going to Delaware for Seamus' checkups and getting to visit our old friend, "Happy Donald!"
Another successful visit with Drs. Bober and Mackenzie! Seamus had super awesome checkups with both docs. He has some pretty significant bowing of the legs which they are keeping an eye on, but it has not worsened since May so they are happy with that!

And of course, the bi-annual trip would not be complete without snapping a picture with our favorite red-haired clown.
We also look forward to spending time in the House itself...the huge, beautiful staircase...
The awesome pirate ship in one of the playrooms...
And the fantastic decorations, no matter what the season.
We also had a special treat on this visit. Seamus and Grace were asked to be a part of a photo shoot involving a therapy dog named Chase! The photos are for Chase's holiday cards to all of his clients, so we are looking forward to seeing some of the final pictures.

The other special treat of this visit was getting to meet the Greene family!

We had a wonderful visit with Jenn, Jason, sweet Simon and adorable baby Jude at the Wilmington Museum of Natural History.

Here's Seamus with SuperCroc...that thing was intimidating!
Simon is definitely on the was not an easy feat to get him in a picture! However, there's not much cuter than seeing that cutie run around his sweet smile!
"Simon, stand right here!"
Checking out this cool fish tank - both Dory and Nemo were inside!
Our crew - I temporarily adopted Baby Jude and couldn't give him up for this picture! Such a snuggly boy...ohhh, it was very dangerous for me!!
After the museum we headed out for some lunch, which involved the following:
Heading out into the pouring rain,
getting four kids into carseats,
driving to the Concord Pike,
getting four kids out of carseats,
running through the rain into Panera only to find that it was mobbed,
walking back out into the rain to discuss our next move,
packing four kids back into the carseats,
leading the Greenes to our next choice of restaurant,
which included taking a wrong turn on the Pike,
3 missed calls between me and Jenn,
and a seriously life-threatening and probably illegal U-turn into a throng of incoming traffic.
And a partridge in a pear tree.

Whew! But we made it in one piece, and Jenn and Jason assured me that they weren't sorry they drove all that way to meet us lunatics, and we had a great lunch!

Thanks so much Greene family! Hope to do it all again in May (minus the U-turn!)


Caden and Mommy said...

Yeah for good doctor visits for Seamus! and Yeah for meeting the Greene's! So fun to meet other blog families! I love the family photo of all of you. It looks like Grace took a liking to baby Jude as well :0) Fun times!

Melissa Swartley said...

Woo hoo for an awesome check up!!! So cute seeing Seamus hang out with Simon! Isn't that museum cool?! Sonya really loves the elephant head way up on the wall. We will have to see if we can catch you guys next time too! We are only an hour and 1/2 from duPont. Glad to see you all had a blast!

Jen Weisser said...

Wow! What a trip! Yay for a great check-up! Wish our appointments could have been together again! we'll have to schedule them real early next time!

Lisa said...

Sounds like an excellent time. Love the Ronald photos and it's so wonderful you guys got to meet up. What a great trip. The photos, of course, are awesome too.

Alex said...

So glad to hear his medical appts went well!! Love the pictures with Ronald!

Melisa said...

Great photos of the meet up with Jen and fam! Happy to hear the Seamus doctors visits went well. The Ronald McDonald house has a special place in my heart. Years ago I lost a friend to bone marrow cancer at age 13...the Ronald McDonald house offered her a wonderful experience. Getting anywhere with our kids can be such an adventure!

Greene Family said...

We had such a fun day with you guys - U-turn and all! :) Simon had a blast running around with Seamus, and I think he has a little crush on Grace (don't tell Sonya though)! Grace was so adorable with baby Jude! She'll be a great helper when she has a baby brother or sister!
I'm glad that Seamus' doctor appointments went well! The pictures are all adorable - love the one of Seamus and Grace on the beautiful staircase!
We're looking forward to seeing you guys again in May!

Kim said...

Yeah so the one line that stands out is holding baby really got to you?????? Hummmmmmm. LOL! on the whole dialogue about your experience in finding a place to eat. I feel your pain. Getting in and out of the carseats in the rain. As always I love all the pictures, especially the Ronald McDonald picture. It's funny you mention Seamus' legs bowing because to me he always seemed to have long legs for an achon. They don't look that bowed to me, he just looks super handsome as always. My little friend Grace-I can't take her cuteness. So jealous you got to meet up with the Greenes. Hopefully one day since I don't live too far!