Monday, November 23, 2009

We Love A Parade

Here in upstate NY, the city of Schenectady is home to the largest night time holiday parade in the Northeast.  The hospital I work for happens to be in Schenectady, and all employees are invited each year to march in the parade.

I thought the kids would have a blast doing this, and I was right!

We all got decked out in our Ellis Medicine sweatshirts (Nanny included!)


My personal favorite float…the Bombers Burrito float!  Bombers makes burritos that are quite literally the size of a football, and I may have eaten one or two in my lifetime :-)IMG_5305

We were marching in the last division, so we hung out on the street corner to watch the first parts of the parade.  Grace had a blast shaking her pom-pom and dancing!  This parade was almost as good as Halloween….every float that went by tossed out candy!


Seamus was still a tad under the weather from his virus, so he hung out in the wagon and stayed warm.  Once we marched the route, we sat on the side waiting for the grand finale…Santa! 

This was Seamus’ face as he glimpsed the Big Guy coming around the corner!


All in all, it was a lot of fun and I’m glad we got to experience it.

Now, a question for POLPs out there…do you notice your LP kids having a significant sensitivity to loud noises? 

We had a little bit of a tough time at the parade because there were so many fire trucks in the lineup, and each one that went by would blast its siren.  Seamus spent most of the parade with his hands clenched firmly over his ears.  He has had this aversion to loud noises for as along as I can remember, and Grace doesn’t seem to be bothered by it.

I seem to remember a couple of other POLP families mentioning a similar aversion with their kids.  Just wondering if there’s any kind of correlation?


Destini said...

Looks like a fun time! Yes, Trace has TERRIBLE sensitivity to loud noises, we have actually started carrying ear plugs for parades, the sirens are terrible. Trace clamps his hands over his ears and then I have to clamp my hands over his.

Jillsblog said...

You guys are a fun family! Yes, JD is super sensitive to loud noises...he is constantly covering his ears!!! I wonder what it is...

Melisa said...

What a super fun time the kids had! My kids would have had a blast and Aidan would have been right there with Seamus covering his ears...check out the picture on my last blog entry....Aidan had his ears covered when he was at the stuffing machine. Strange. I thought it was just an Aidan thing...maybe not.

Greene Family said...

How fun - it looks like Seamus and Grace had a blast!! I love Seamus' reaction to seeing Santa coming!
Simon loves to be loud, and sometimes he is bothered by loud noises, but usually he tries to be just as loud. :)