Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Funday

Today we went to Herkimer to spend the day with our friends the Weissers!

We get together every month, but our October visit was on the first weekend of October, so it had been a long time since these goobers had seen each other!

So naturally they had to start with band practice…to make sure they still were able to get their groove on!


Best buds…I have a feeling that the idea from this post is not as far-fetched as we might think!048

Sometimes if we bribe them with candy, we can get them all in one picture together :-)  In fact, they grabbed these lollipops and then all sat together willingly on the step to eat them.  Hooray!  Four kids in one photo!


Nap-deprived, sugar-loaded, and super silly reindeer in front of the Christmas tree!


Hope everyone had a fun weekend!  Have a great week!


Melisa said...

The four of them looked like they had a fab time. I didn't realize that you got together once a month. That first picture of the 4 of them rockin out was the best. Seamus has a total rocker pose with the guitar! ROCK ON!

Jen Weisser said...

Seriously, cant believe you posted this already!! I just finished my October posting! Cant believe how behind I am!
We all had a great time today! & if I am correct we get to go shopping next time since the boys golfed 2x's since our last outing!! :)
Thought for sure you'd post the rock video! Or was my son's singing too load? lol!

Destini said...

Those kids playing together is too much! Love it!

Melissa Swartley said...

So cute! Love this! I have to use the candy bribing thing more often! You really captured some great fun!

Greene Family said...

Love it - they are all so cute together and Simon totally wants to join in on their band practice sometime! You can tell that they have a blast together! Adorable pictures!!

Jaime said...

I always love seeing picture of Seamus and Ethan together. They look like they're having an absolute blast! I'm glad to see that they've let a girl into their rock band! Rock on!

Kim said...

I love seeing pics of the kiddos together. It must be non stop noise when the four kids get together. Hopefully one day that noise and singing and practicing will turn into a multi million dollar platnium record deal with world tours! I love those antlers. In fact on of the pics on my Christmas card this year is going to have those antlers! Rock on Camengas and Weissers!

Poppy said...

I hope you know that Poppy taught Seamus the "Power Stance" in the 1st picture ! Where is the Ramones T-shirt I got him in NYC ???
Where is the Punk Hair ?