Tuesday, September 13, 2011


To kick off fall, Seamus decided he wanted to start Tae Kwon Do.  There is a school very close to where we live, and a couple of school friends also attend.  The program is great – he can attend up to 3 times per week, it’s year round, and he earns stripes on his belt for “good deeds” done at home.  Love anything with an incentive like that!

He was SO excited to receive his uniform and head off to his first class!


Concentrating very hard on balancing!


Learning some kicks…


The “horse rider” stance…


Check out the height on this jump!  (And that face!  Hilarious!)


Every single move he makes in class is accompanied by an extremely loud “Hi-ya!”  The teachers encourage the yelling! 

Gracie goober showing off her moves.  She started Irish step dancing this week and loves it!  Hopefully I’ll be able to get some pictures in the studio to share.


Oooh.  I wouldn’t mess with them! 



Katie Jaye said...

Gah! They are so beyond cute in this entry! These pictures are great! I think Seamus has the horse rider stance down perfect and that is a fantastic action shot of him in the air.

Can't wait to see some of Gracie's Irish step dancing. She's going to be a beautiful dancer!

Destini said...

Sounds like you guys are staying busy! Love the action shots!

Kim said...

How did I get four blog posts behind? Ok first 11 months? Liam stop growing up so fast! Although with two big siblings how could you not want to keep up in order not to miss all the fun? Your end of summer pics are amazing. The kids swim without floaties? Wow! I am super duper impressed! Now on to the first day of school. Really? How do you handle the cuteness of your children on a daily basis? I can barely stand it! And Liam in the uniform? Wow. Loving the TKD poses. So funny. I may sign Pres up in the winter after soccer and before baseball. Phew!
Also, I am BEYOND excited about the Grey's premiere. I am reserving all night Thursday for that specific purpose.

Tiffany said...

Ok I can't decide which is cuter, the TKD pics or the first day of school pics! What a man! Love it!