Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

We had a fun and busy Halloween weekend!  We started it out doing my favorite thing…lounging in the living room eating breakfast, and Mommy and Daddy drinking a lot of coffee!


Then it was time to get ready for a special treat…a ride on the Albany Aqua Ducks Tour!  This is a really cool vehicle that tours the city by land and by sea!


It was extra fun this time, because the kids got to wear their costumes and trick or treat at all the tour stops.  They had a blast!  Here’s Dorothy Gale and Southpaw!


Later that evening, we walked from our house over to the new RPI Athletic Complex to watch a football game.  We are lucky to live so close to the college, and we love the football and hockey games.  There is a big hill on one side of the stadium that we can hang out on, and it gives us a great view. 

At halftime, the dance squad performed “Thriller,” and of course Seamus couldn’t resist performing his Michael Jackson moves for everyone else on the hill!


Liam’s first football game!


The chilly walk home!


“Look Mom, I found you this beautiful leaf!”


Halloween Day, we were ready for some trick-or-treating fun!

Seamus has been asking to be Southpaw for a very long time…so with my mom’s help, we came up with a Southpaw costume.  Seamus was thrilled to be dressed as his hero, the mascot from the ValleyCats!

 005 007

Here’s my sweet little Dorothy Gale…complete with the ruby slippers.  She loved this costume!

009 010 014

And of course, our little “monster!”


Liam loved his first Halloween!  The weather held out for us and we had a great time trick-or-treating.  The kids loved going up to each house and showing off their costumes.  They even had a great time just handing out candy to other trick-or-treaters. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!


Caden and Mommy said...

What a great family picture! I love the kids' costumes! How fun, Seamus got to be Southpaw. SOOO CUTE!
It sounds like you guys had a great Halloween weekend!
Those breakfast trays are great!

Yiannakis Family said...

Awesome Halloween! The kids costumes are great. I just love the ruby slippers and Southpaw's hat!!

Jaime said...

The kids look ADORABLE!! I love the costumes!

Greene Family said...

Great family picture! You and your mom make the best costumes every year! Love the picture of Seamus really getting into action as Southpaw, Grace is a beautiful Dorothy Gale, and Oh My - Liam is the cutest little monster!! It looks like you guys had a fun Halloween weekend!

Kim said...

Ok well I don't even know where to begin. The costumes are amazing! I mean really really amazing. I think they both looked adorable. As for your non trick or treating monster-just love that close up. I can eat him up! I love your hat. I have been hunting for a hat like that as I will be in NY for the parade and will need one I'm sure.
So laughing at Seamus and "Thriller." Pres would have LOVED to join in!