Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rock Around the Clock

This weekend we were so excited to attend one of our very favorite school events – the Sock Hop!  Sacred Heart School puts on a rockin’ sock hop every year and the kids just have a blast.  They go all out with the costumes, decorations and music, and we all dance the night away!

The kids were beyond excited and were clearly NOT in the picture-taking mood, so this is the best they would give me!

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Try as I might, I could not find a baby-sized leather jacket (and believe me, I tried!), so I whipped out some red felt and decked out Liam in his very own letter sweater.  Paired with his high-tops,  he’s channeling the good-boy version of Danny Zuko!

 025 036

We walked in the door, Seamus took off for the dance floor and I hardly saw him the rest of the night!  He’s getting his groove on here!


We had a blast as always!  Love our school!


Melisa said...

Seamus totally cracks me up! Too cool! Two thumbs up on the outfits. You did an awesome job for Liam. He looks adorable!

Yiannakis Family said...

OMG! Such an awesome event. I absolutely love Grace's outfit. Her poodle skirt is just adorable and Seamus in his leather jacket is just too cool for words! You are such a creative mom, making Liam his very own letter sweater! Everyone looks just adorable!!!

Kim said...

Did you get Seamus' jacket at Target? I've had my eye on it for Pres. I absolutely love all the outfits and seriously Liam in the sweater. Almost cannot take the cuteness! Love them all. Seamus is getting so handsome and Grace is just gorgeous. I miss you guys so much!

Greene Family said...

Oh my goodness - they could not be any cuter!! LOVE their outfits! Seamus is adorable getting his groove on, Grace is beautiful, and Liam is just the sweetest baby!