Friday, November 19, 2010

This is my life

My adorable son Seamus finds it physically impossible to keep his eyes open for a photograph.  It’s almost painful for me.  An example:  I wanted to take a cute picture of the boys wearing their matching “Big Brother”and “Little Brother” shirts.  Watch the agony unfold:

 028 030 031  033 034 035 036

I mean really.  How can this be possible??

So now I’m all, “SEAMUS!!!!  KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!!”

And I get:



Oh cripes. 

“Okay, let’s try this…CLOSE your eyes, and when I say three, open them!  One, two, three!”



Hooray!  Except by now, Liam has gotten bored with all of this and is staring off in another direction. 

And this is just two-thirds of our crew!  Can I tell you how excited I am for Christmas card pictures?  Super. Excited.

They’re lucky they’re cute!



Alex said...

HAHAHA!!! I laugh because Sam is at that age too where she hates posing for pictures and always makes silly faces and it drives me crazy furious! LOL

Kim said...

Is it mean that I laughed the whole post? Because I know you have been fighting with him on this. Preston smiles fake-drives me nuts and then when I say nice smile, he smiles so hard he closes his eyes too. The fake smile is the Seamus eyes closed. I bribe with M&Ms.
I just love the shirts though. Liam is probably saying, "Come on dude. If you just cooperate she'll stop with the flash in our eyes! You've been doing this for five years! You know the drill!"

Caden and Mommy said...

That's funny EM :0) Yes, good luck getting that perfect Christmas Card picture this year!

Katie Jaye said...

Oh my God! It's like My Name Is Earl!! Seamus is so funny, instead of getting the eyes open he opened his mouth like as if to tell you close enough.

Greene Family said...

Oh my goodness - I'm cracking up! This sounds a little familiar as lately Simon has had what I tell him is a "scary" smile when I'm trying to get a picture of him and Jude together . . . he's just too super busy to sit still for me for a quick picture so I get him looking away with this crazy smile as if to tell me to hurry up because he has more important things to be doing, and me explaining how much quicker the whole process would be with just one quick smile . . . well, forget it!
LOVE that last picture of your two handsome/sweet boys!! I just want to hug them through the screen! Great t-shirts!
Good luck with the Christmas card picture!! I need to try to get that accomplished this weekend!

Greene Family said...

BTW - Yes, that was Simon laughing in the background of Jude's video. He has been so excited for him, and throughout the day, he tells Jude "walk to me!" or holds his hand and walks with him!